Water Vapor Cigarette, the Better Smoking Option

Water Vapor Cigarette, the Better Smoking Option

The water vapor cigarette also known as the electronic cigarette is a cigarette similar in dimension and shape to the ordinary tobacco cigarette. However, this cigarette is more advanced in its features and function to the other cigars.

The water vapor cigarette employs three basic parts which work together to provide a unique smoking experience to its user. These three main parts include a mouthpiece, also known as cartridge, an atomizer (heating element) and an internal battery. Other components include various circuitries which help better its operations. The mouthpiece is a small cup which contains within it an absorbent material that has a flavored solution of nicotine. The liquid in the cartridge can either be refilled or replaced incase of depletion.

The primary function of the atomizer is to vaporize the nicotine in the mouthpiece for the purpose of inhalation. The atomizer in the water vapor cigarette requires replacement once its lifespan is over. The type of battery employed in this model is a lithium-ion rechargeable model whose primary role is to power the atomizer. The largest component of the vapor cigarette is its battery.

Having observed the primary features and general outlook of the water vapor cigarette, it goes without saying that this model of cigarette supersedes the traditional tobacco cigars by leaps and bounds in its advantages. Some of these advantages include: Its affordability, this cigarette saves the user a considerable amount of money in the long run since most of its parts are reusable. The vapor cigarette is also eco-friendly due to the fact that no combustion takes place and therefore no tobacco fumes are released into the atmosphere.

The vapor cigarette is also a safe way of smoking in that it ensures that there is no danger of igniting fire in the areas adjacent to where the user is smoking. This type of cigarette also saves the user countless trips to medical practitioners which would have been the case if ordinary cigarettes were used.

Having witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of tobacco smoking, my life took a complete turnaround when I was first introduced to the water vapor cigarette.

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