Unassuming Victorian House Makeover Combines Green with Clean Design

Unassuming Victorian House Makeover Combines Green with Clean Design

As with every Victorian home that has been burdened with poorly planned additions and unnecessary interior alterations, the Jill’s House was a dark and unwelcome space when time for its latest makeover arrived. A smart renovation carried out by Green Sheep Collective, the new interior is drastically different from its old counterpart as natural light flows into the new interior. It is the use of clerestory windows that adds to the cheerful appeal of the living area, which now also contains the dining area and the kitchen. Coupled with passive solar design and a neutral color palette the rejuvenated space looks vastly different from the original.

Revamped interior of Jill’s House in inner suburb of Melbourne

The north facing living area now feels a lot more inviting and a snazzy wooden shelf with a splash of yellow separates the ergonomic kitchen from the dining area. The new volume differs from the original Victorian home both aesthetically and functionally and yet the revamped interior of the older welcomes its contemporary vibe. The house is also now easier to maintain, far more energy efficient, far less dependent on artificial heating and cooling devices and also features a small rear deck and a lovely garden.

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Custom wooden shelf separates the living area from the kitchen
New rear addition of the altered Victorian house in Melbourne
Open plan living area with kitchen and dining of the renovated Victorian home
Small rear garden with wooden deck and stone…

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