Traditional Carlton Hill Residence with a Sophisticated Modern Interior

Traditional Carlton Hill Residence with a Sophisticated Modern Interior

The idea of a traditional home exterior that has been around for a while and an interior that is modern and functional is one that is gaining ground rapidly across the globe. Sometimes, it is the easiest way to renovate an old home with a heritage façade. On other occasions, it saves money and creates a wonderful fusion of styles. The gorgeous and impressive Carlton Hill Residence by Charlton Brown is one such lovely home where the old and the new find space next to one another with ease. On the outside, the house feels classical and timeless with its brick walls. Gabled roof and ornate doorways and windows frames.

Garden area and exterior of the Carlton Hill Residence

But step inside and you find an entirely different world that is contemporary and even urbane at times. A neutral color scheme that combines white, black and shades of brown takes over every room of the house. Series of recessed lights combined with smart pendant lights and glassy chandeliers create a sense of inviting brilliance. Wooden finishes and polished, modern décor pieces further accentuate the cultured look even as beautifully crafted custom window seats and ergonomic cabinets maximize the available space.

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Lovely lighting foe the modern kitchen in white and gray
Multi-level gardens with a curated landscape add to the appeal of the house
Sparkling lighting stands out visually thanks to the neutral woodsy backdrop
Street facade of the classic Carlton Hill House
Traditional Carlton Hill house…

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