Track Your Fitness Success – PaleOMG

Track Your Fitness Success – PaleOMG

I was talking to a friend the other day about how different our generation is compared to older generations. Obviously this new generation is growing up with technology that was only dreamt about way back when. But we are also growing up in an age where health is growing in popularity and fitness is becoming an important daily activity. When I think about my mother or my grandmother, I never think about fitness. Because they were never raised to see fitness as an important facet in their day-to-day lives. But as we grow and become more knowledgeable about the importance of exercise and lifting weights and getting cardio and stretching, we are setting up the next generation with even more knowledge about fitness and the role it plays in a better future.

I say all this because fitness is always evolving. One day we are jazzercising then next we doing yoga or pilates or hill sprints or gymnastics. We are always looking for the next activity that will not only keep us interested and excited about our workouts, but also give us the best results. And right now, heart-rate monitored fitness is at the top of the list in popularity! More people than ever have not only smartphones but smartwatches with apps to track their steps, heart-rate and progress in every day life.

PaleOMG + Lolë

I’ve been getting on the heart-rate monitor train recently while I’ve been doing more and more Orange Theory classes. But I often forget to bring my heart rate monitor and have to end up borrowing one. Luckily, Lolë has created the Smart Bra that connects to the Mi Pulse heart-rate…

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