Tiny Light Green Wooden Summer Cottage in Sweden is an Efficient Showstopper

Tiny Light Green Wooden Summer Cottage in Sweden is an Efficient Showstopper

A cabin in the woods that you can enjoy in warmer summer months is one that we all dream of. It is the perfect getaway that not only takes you far from the rush of daily life, but also brings everyone in the family together. The lovely and minimal Granholmen Summer Cottage in Luleå Ö, Sweden is one such beautiful escape where you can enjoy the beauty of lush green forest landscape, a lovely waterfront that leads to the island home and the many sights and sounds of nature without any disturbances. Designed by Bornstein Lyckefors + Josefine Wikholm, the summer cottage feels organic and minimal both on the outside and indoors.

Light green exterior of the small summer cabin in Sweden

The design of the cottage itself is classic with its vaulted ceilings and simple rectangular form accentuating the picture-perfect appeal. Light green on the outside of the cabin was a conscious choice that ensures it blends with the natural scenery around it. The pastel green shade used also adds to its overall summer charm and makes it a great vacation home that leaves its residents with a lifetime of memories. The erected copper-green ceiling also plays a major role in shaping the final choice of color on the outside.

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Giving the cottage a light green exterior ensures it blends in with the scenery around it with ease
Lovely natural landscape around the Granholmen Summer Cottage in Sweden
Natural light adds to the beauty of the light green summer island cottage
Stunning view of the…

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