Time to Get Empowered Together

Time to Get Empowered Together

Today is the last day of Women’s Empowerment Month but women empowering other women doesn’t have to end today. Instead, it’s time to plan for the future and begin to create a world where women feel inspired by their peers, and in turn they can begin to find inspiration within themselves. But that inspiration has to start somewhere and it might as well start with YOU. If you begin to believe in yourself and begin to create the world that you would want to live in, others will do the same. Others will feel that confidence, security, and empowerment, and they will follow in your path.

I use to think that the only way to empower other women was through chatting with them, complimenting them, and reminding them how awesome they are. But when I think about the women I’ve looked up to in the past and the women who have empowered me through the years, I always think about the women who walked with their heads held high and never apologized for the path they chose. To me, that confidence within themselves showed greatness. They would walk into a room and demand attention with the confidence they had. And by seeing that and experiencing their confidence firsthand, I found myself emulating many of their positive traits. These women empowered me by simply being their most confident selves.

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I’ve talked about it a lot already in 2019, but in case you missed it, one of my goals this year is to become more confident. It’s something that doesn’t come overnight and it’s something I have to work at day after day. But I hope finding that confidence within myself to…

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