Thrifty Home Remodeling Ideas | Cheap Home Remodeling Ideas

Thrifty Home Remodeling Ideas | Cheap Home Remodeling Ideas

Do you know how much could it cost?

​Keep reading to learn the ways of affordable renovations and win-win techniques to spend less and to get more. The housing market is extremely pricey that’s why home remodeling is more streamlined than moving. However, since renovations are popular, the materials and labor are getting expensive significantly.

Despite that unpleasant tendency, the homeowners are ready to implement home ideas and to spend money on home remodeling projects to provide more living space, to make it more comfortable and advanced, as well as to enhance their home’s resale value. For example, more than 58% of homeowners improved their dwellings in 2007 at an average spending of $15,000.

Does “Budget” Home Remodeling Really Mean Cheap?

In fact, budget home remodeling is not the same as a cheap repair but the rational allocation of funds. That’s why it would be great to make accurate calculations before implementing design creativity. Consider fixtures, materials, wage labor, as well as time, depreciation of tools and equipment.

When making a list of required spending on home remodeling ideas, one should keep in mind unexpected expenses and add near 10% of the budget for flexibility. Besides, pay in cash but don’t take a loan for home remodeling to prevent your benefits from the payment of interest.

7 Ways To Save Money On A Home Remodeling

Now, it’s time to see the ways of preventing your wallet from heavy losses to let you start house remodeling successfully. The following «secrets» are straightforward and within the capacity of any householder. They demand neither special skills nor educational degree for home remodeling.

Give It Your Best Shot

Even if you’re not very handy, there is a certain range of activities you can do independently while home remodeling especially when considering that saving money is the best inspiration for house remodel ideas. Of course, you’re not required to lay flooring but here is a list of your due tempering.

Demo space.

Cleaning up.

Scraping off mastic on the floor.

Skim-coating walls.


Reface kitchen cabinets.

The list of independent home remodeling can go on with plenty of other similar activities and the number of its points depends on your DIY skills level and how realistic is your dream home remodeling.

Reusable Materials – Trash or Vintage?

It’s one of the greatest ways to save money on home remodeling if a simple paining is not enough. It allows changing a style without dramatic changes. For example, one can reface door instead of replacing it.

Sometimes, it’s possible to reuse the existing interior elements but one can also find out the appropriate materials, accessories, and fixtures material in the salvage yards, various ReStores, and even at building material auctions. Some people sell or even gift appliances for home remodeling when moving.

Sell Old to Buy New

It’s a common practice when famous showrooms decrease the price of furniture they exhibit in order not to overlook the latest trends. Why can’t you? While home remodeling, one can sell, for example, his/her old but still attractive kitchen cabinet at a reduced price. On…

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