This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

Happy New Year, you wonderful PaleOMG people who are reading this right now. Do you hate when I call you PaleOMG people? Like that’s a thing. I’ll knock that off, it annoys me too.

Honestly, I’m surprised I even have outfits to show you this week. It was a rough one. This is what it looked like: holiday stress – sickness – stuffy nose –  lots of sleeping – going to a dance festival thing – feeling terrible the next day – recovering for the entire day – doing absolutely nothing on New Year’s. So the question is, when the hell did I put on normal clothes during this time? My outfits included pajamas, suspenders and fanny pack, and then more pajamas. But since the holidays were upon us and my guys birthday happened, I pulled myself together a couple times.

This outfit was thrown together on the night of my fiancé’s birthday. We all went to sushi and since I was feeling absolutely awful at this point and had slept all day, I threw out this turtleneck sweater that’s incredibly soft and warm and comes in 9 different colors then this wrap wool coat that has become my favorite for this season! Sushi was hard to eat when not being able to breathe out of my nose, but I made it happen and kept my sh*t together. I even went to a bar after. Killed it.

>{ Top | Coat | Jeans | Similar Necklace | Purse }

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>This next outfit was warn around town, after finally getting over my cold! I forgot out this navy faux leather jacket until I was looking through my jackets and said OMGILOVETHISJACKET. It’s just been mostly too cold in Colorado this season to just…

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