This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

Happy Friday!! Right now I’m probably squishing my toes in the sand and trying to get a little tan for our upcoming wedding in Jamaica. I’m just basking in the sun in Costa Rica on my PaleOMG fitness retreat! We are working out, eating lots of guacamole, and sweating everywhere. Seriously, everything is damp.

This week Fashion Friday’s is seriously all over the place because it starts with swimsuits and ends with wool coats. But with our wedding in Jamaica coming up in 2 short months, I’m starting to load up on swimsuits. Well, I’ve only bought one so far, but I’m definitely going to scour the internet for more. This one below is brand new and I love it so damn much because it doesn’t fit too snug around the hips, so no spilling over occurs with this suit. If you’re thinking in your head right now, “Where does your vagina go in that suit…” first of all, gross. And second of all, my vagina fits just fine in this suit. I had multiple people ask me that on instagram and I wasn’t a fan of that question. So here’s the answer: no issues with this suit. I wouldn’t go hiking or bike riding in it (or any suit, ya weirdo) but for tanning and wandering the beach, it’s perfect.

>{ Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom }

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>Now to the opposite spectrum, all bundled up in my favorite coat of the season. By the time I got this jacket, it was already sold out. So I keep checking back, hoping maybe the restock it. Until then, I’ve found you more super warm, fuzzy jackets that should help make life worth living in the winter. I wore this outfit to the…

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