This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

You guys. The other day, I tried to remove one of my fingerprints. Well actually, a thumbprint. Who wants thumbprints anyways. They’re so overrated. And since they’re overrated, I decided removing one of them with a jagged edge of a coconut milk can would be the easiest. So I used the worst can opener of all time to open a can centimeter by centimeter and when the can was almost open, but still holding on by a little edge, I tried to flick it open. In turn, shoving my thumb deep into the can. I instantly gagged and cursed a lot of things. I surprisingly didn’t lose the whole thumbprint. But I do have 3 sexy stitches. Is my thumbprint going to be different now? Now that’s what I’d like to know. F*ck you crappy can opener. I hate your guts!

Workout outfit time! I’m IN LOVE with these Splits 59 pull overs. I have a pink one and a turquoise one and I can’t get enough. They are super soft and comfortable and they aren’t too baggy or too tight. Just perfect. I plan on wearing these all fall long. Which I’m hoping lasts for a while. ITSALREADYOCTOBER?? What the.

>{ Lululemon Wunder Unders for $72 | Splits 59 White Ashby Ribbed Tank for $45 | Splits 59 Calypso Astrid Saturn Back Pullover for $85 | Lululemon Bang Buster for $18 }

>I’ve had this dress for a while now and I’ve been saving it for a special day. Well, nothing special happened other than I wore the dress I’ve been wanting to wear for a while. Exciting, I know. But it did give me an excuse to wear these shoes. I’ve had them since college and they are scuffed up from dancing on…

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