This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

This Week’s PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

I’m unsure why people are still insisting on trying to tell me that they don’t like my fashion posts. I don’t like pictures of people’s children taking a dump on the potty for the first time, but I do not tell them that. I mean, they’re children will hate them for it later so what’s the point in posting my own frustration? But since these people’s days have been so rattled by my lululemon scarf, I kindly tell them that they are an idiot and should be consumed more in their own life than mine, but in a very kind, classy way. You know, because I’m so classy. But what upsets me the most, other than poopy children, is that people are never kind enough to write back. They voice their opinion but are suddenly startled when I lay the heat down. What does that even mean? Who knows. It just means they are the worst kind of humans. Stick up for yourselves, people. I just back handed your face, serve it back!

So I pretty much want to wear fake lashes every day of my life. Like, so bad. They are so great. And make my little beady animal eyes look much larger. It’s a miraculous lie. Below are my fake lashes. They say nice to meet you. This is an outfit I wore to Butterjoint in Pittsburgh after cooking too many recipes in a week. This dress is the most comfortable dress ever. And it’s longer so it’s more conservative for you conservative folk out there. I’m obviously not usually one of those people.

>{ Red and White Shift Dress from Pink’s Boutique for $40 (this dress goes down to right above the knee and is completely long sleeve) | Black Vegan…

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