This Serene Traditional Japanese Home is Built for Rest and Rejuvenation

This Serene Traditional Japanese Home is Built for Rest and Rejuvenation

Traditional Japanese design is all about harmony and being one with nature at all times. Balance is a key part of it all and with it you also have a relaxing environment where you can rest and rejuvenate with ease. The Beniya Mukayu Byakuroku designed by Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama + AMORPHE is an escape where it is the interior that feels far more relaxing than the greenery outside. It is easy to forget time and all your woes that come with the rush of daily life in here. Wood and white are the two most essential elements of design here and there is little that leaves you surprised as they are staple in most traditional Japanese homes. A relaxing traditional living area that can be used as tea room welcomes you in here.

Tea room and stylish interior of the Beniya Mukayu Byakuroku

Sliding doors with shoji screens delineate one room from the next and the flow inside feels natural and organic. It is the balance between the interior and the exterior that makes the home even more special as the terrace and the veranda become a part of the setting with ease. Spa-style bathroom and other relaxing areas along with the awesome garden bath add to the tranquil aura of this Japanese escape where everything is designed to put you at ease.

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Finding the balance between outdoor and indoor living at the Japanese home
Home office and second bedroom of the Japanese house
Innovative and elegant design of the minimal Japanese home
Living area of the Beniya Mukayu Byakuroku in Japan

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