This Plywood Clad Poolside Hangout Does it All!

This Plywood Clad Poolside Hangout Does it All!

Love the outdoors? So do we and if you are stuck amid the constant rush of big city life, then finding some quality outdoor time can be hard indeed. But that can easily change with a fabulous and practical outdoor hangout like the Brighton Bunker designed by Dan Gayfer Design. Part of a modern Aussie home designed to meet the demands of a family with four kids; the new poolside hangout is draped in plywood, giving it a cozy, inviting appeal. Its open design allows the pool to become a part of the bunker with modular seating and comfy cushions creating the perfect relaxation and party zone.

Simple and elegant seating for the bunker

The bunker is not the only upgrade that the Brighton Residence acquired with a new outdoor living area being added next to the living space inside. Extending into the backyard and pool area, the new extension houses a portable lounge, TV, fireplace and even barbecue zone. A timber landing connects the spa and lap pool with the rest of the setting and the entire backyard seems like a world in itself – an ideal retreat for a stylish staycation!

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Recreational bunker at the end of the pool
Touch of greenery for the shaded outdoor living area
Wooden deck with barbecue and sitting area
Expansive pool area of the modern Aussie home
Fireplace, TV and movable seating of the outdoor hangout
Minibar, fireplace and TV for the outdoor hangout and deck
Outdoor living and poolside hangout bring outdoor living to Brighton home
Plywood clad bunker…

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