The Truth About Skin Care For Men

It is a common practice for men not too care too much about their skin. Oftentimes, their skin care regimen does not go beyond applying shaving cream on their stubble and shaving off.

There are men who do practice basic facial care such as applying a toning lotion or a moisturizer after shaving in the morning, but not all men understand that successful skincare actually goes beyond the simple act of moisturizing after shaving.

It is essential to maintain the overall health of the skin, so as to keep microorganisms and other destructive substances from entering the skin, once the natural protective barriers have already been broken. The strength of the skin in resisting infection is oftentimes affected by shaving. This is because shaving depletes the function of the skin in creating natural barriers, and if left unchecked it will be easier for the microorganisms to enter the skin, eventually leading into the bloodstream.

If you think that an electric shaver can help, you are mistaken. An electric shaver will also lead to nick and cuts and while they may not bleed, it already affects the integrity of the skin. When you shave, the protective acid covering of the skin is removed and even the superficial skin layers with living skin cells are also jeopardized.

However micro-organisms attacks are just one part of the problem. As the skin’s natural barrier becomes damaged, it has become more open to molecules which would not have been able to enter the skin; these molecules can travel down to the skin’s innermost layers and may even enter the bloodstream.

There is an effective way to prevent micro-organisms attack and other skin problems however. A natural skin care regimen that uses only the safest, most effective and 100% natural ingredients is best for most men, who are known to shave regularly. Examples of natural ingredients include herbal extracts and essential oils. Since essential oils have antiseptic properties, your skin will stay protected from inflammation and infection often brought about by attacks from micro-organisms. As for the herbal extracts, they soothe and protect the skin, keeping the smooth and infection-free.

Many of the chemically prepared skin care products for men contain potentially harmful ingredients. Safe and natural products however use only gentle yet effective ingredients. This way your skin won’t be threatened by any infection, inflammation, or side effects.

Men also need to understand that using any type of razor can be risky. Even a brand new blade can contain bacteria and other harmful elements, so shaving always presents a level of risk to the health of your skin. While your body will be able to ward off these infections naturally, it can be fairly difficult for your immune system to act if chemicals are already introduced into the deeper skin layers.

Some men even report experiencing allergies after having used certain chemically prepared skin care products. If you want to avoid getting infections and allergies, using 100% safe and natural skin care products is best.

It is best to find the right products which specifically cater to the needs of men so that any worsening of skin infections will be abated sooner than later.

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