The Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

The Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

A person that has whiter teeth looks better. Making your teeth white can make you popular and a little bit of appealing. Brushing your teeth every meal and consulting your dentist for a monthly check up just to make those teeth whiter. Using your teeth whitening products everyday and trying to stay away from any kind of staining just like what your dentist told you. But do you know that every teeth whitening process comes with different side effects.

Any whitening bleach or any kind of whitening product does the same thing to your teeth. It washes stains and makes your teeth whiter by scrubbing and braising the outer cover of your teeth and destroys some of its old part, the stained part of your teeth usually the yellow one, to make your teeth whiter than the outside. Even natural whitening products commonly used contains harmful material that may destroy the teeth. Whiter teeth are a lot more sensitive than those common teeth. The patient may feel short sudden pains and stings while consuming hotter or colder food and drinks. The tooth enamel of your teeth that protects you from such sensitivity is decreased and thus making your teeth fragile and most likely to decay faster compared to untreated teeth. Different studies are conducted and same results are obtained. Whiten teeth that went through bleaching process contain microscopic holes and expose your teeth to microscopic particles

It can be avoided since most of bleaching products will harm your teeth in exchange for a whiter color. Before any kind of treatment or procedure, the dentist should warn the clients that pain is usually associated to this kind of procedure. But if the pain felt is too great, it’s an indication that you the procedure is too harmful and the dentist may stop and discontinue the process. Usually dentists don’t use anesthetics to numb the pain felt during the procedure since it will make the process a lot safer. It is best that you are notified of such side effects before engaging to any kind of procedure.

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