The Power of Us: Spreading the Word of Health & Wellness at Expo West

The Power of Us: Spreading the Word of Health & Wellness at Expo West

The past 5 years, the world of paleo, gluten-free and all-natural has completely changed. More people are opening their eyes and understanding that REAL food really is important. The saying you are what you eat is finally resonating with people. And now more than ever, companies are stepping up and bringing real food with real ingredients to local grocery stores. And it’s helping people take responsibility for not only their own health, but the companies, farmers and communities around them. I’m continually amazed by the new products, new knowledge, and new excitement that people now have for living their best life possible!

But building these communities and spreading the word about healthy food and healthy lifestyles cannot be done by just one person. It takes an army. And it takes perseverance. Luckily, I have met an amazing woman who perseveres through any bump in the road, any setback, and any stumble. Because she deeply believes in the power of health and what it can do for this world. I’m talking about Cassy Joy of Fed & Fit. I met Cassy years ago at PaleoFX and was instantly drawn to her vivacious personality and constant giggling. But what was hiding behind those laughs and smiles was an incredibly hardworking woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer, who wouldn’t settle and a person who would never listen to the people who doubted her.

I say all this because Cassy is a woman who will take on anything and EVERYTHING, all at once. And people will continue to tell her to slow down or hold back, but she won’t. She wakes up every morning to a…

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