The Perfect Yoga Sculpt Attire

The Perfect Yoga Sculpt Attire

As of late, I’ve been trying out some new workouts to see what my body likes the most. Turns out, I was right all along with doing CrossFit full time. My body definitely loves that kind of workout the most. BUT as I was checking out so many different workouts, I fell in love with Yoga Sculpt at CorePower Yoga. You go in not knowing what to expect and it’s always different, challenging, and…extremely sweaty. Definitely don’t wear makeup to this kind of workout because it’s all over if you do.

And if you’re a person who gets extremely sweaty in a workout or you’re just in Yoga Sculpt and have no control over your own body, you gotta have the right clothing. And that’s wear Lolë comes in handy. I’ve talked about Lolë before because not only do their have amazing activewear, but they have even better athleisure wear. Almost every single day in Colorado I find myself wearing a Lolë jacket, a Lolë pair of joggers, or a Lolë casual dress. They have it all and their clothing will have you feeling comfortable and confident. You can even see me in some of their recent clothing on my instagram! Just a couple weeks ago I was wearing a Lolë dress on my way to Guadeloupe and another one around Denver!

PaleOMG - The Perfect Yoga Sculpt Attire

But let’s get back to the activewear! Like this matching two piece I have on in these photos! I shared a travel workout on my instagram the other day wearing this outfit and it held up so well under the Houston-humidity sweat I had going on. These midrise burst leggings have amazing compression and the fabric is moisture-wicking so you…

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