The New Four Athletics x PaleOMG Winter Collection Has Launched!

The New Four Athletics x PaleOMG Winter Collection Has Launched!

Yay Yay Yay!!!! New Four Athletics x PaleOMG apparel is here!! Our last campaign debuted in September which means the product started shipping out last week!! Hopefully you already got your hands on the apparel you purchased, but if you didn’t, it’s coming your way soon!! So far, the feedback on that last campaign has been AWESOME!! With every new piece of apparel we come out with, the product gets better and better as Four Athletics sources new material! And this campaign is no different!

Now before I get into the newest collection, here is the quick rundown about Four Athletics –

  1. Four Athletics created their USA made company by using a crowdfunding model to match up supply and demand 100% of the time.
  2. This model eliminates waste, cuts out the middleman, and delivers an amazing premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price!
  3. With this model, once the campaign ends on November 30th, these pieces will no longer be available and the number of orders will be printed then sent to you!
    • This means you wait just a little bit longer than normal stores. They print exactly how much is purchased so the items won’t go to print until the campaign is over! The product will begin shipping out mid January!

And here is the quick run down of the collection –

  • You’ll find two leopard print options (matching pocket leggings and bra) to choose from – natural leopard and carbon leopard. I have worn both during workouts and all day long, and I prefer the material in the natural leopard just a tad more, but both are still insanely comfortable!
  • You’ll…
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