the home of Elvira Bach

the home of Elvira Bach

Artists surround themselves with inspirational things and Elvira Bach is no exception. The artist has been living in Berlin-Charlottenburg since 1986. The home of Elvira Bach is filled with light, creating the impression that the high ceilings are even more imposing. Her confidence and vision helped Elvira Bach overcome any fear and she ended up making money with her artwork, becoming an experienced artist.

This is the space that best represents her creative spirit, the place where she feels at home and can work whenever the muse calls. The living room was created in black and white and adorned with vivid spots of colour and unusual decorations. The rest of the house displays other creative object, enhanced by the extensive use of a wide colour palette. Covering 230 square meters, the apartment is described by the inhabitant as “still growing”, showing a perpetual need for the expression of art.

The space is filled with works of art from David Reeb, Thomas Hornemann, Dieter Blum, Mark Brandenburg and Elvira’s sister, Ingrid Bach Honneth. Isn’t it amazing, with its large studio and artistic interiors?


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