The Fall Look That Makes Me Feel My Most Confident

The Fall Look That Makes Me Feel My Most Confident

Shopping has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I think that’s a pretty common feeling for most women out there. And it can sometimes be a real downer. But I refuse to let it be! My weight changes almost every month which makes some items a little difficult to wear. Some months I fit perfectly into my jeans and other months…not so much. Even when I’m wearing my stretchiest jeans, I still feel restricted. And that can be a little challenging come fall when jeans become a daily staple. But instead of pouting and getting frustrated, I have found a look that is my FAVORITE for fall. And no matter how much my body changes month to month, I know this look will always make me feel my best and my most confident.

That look includes two things – a high waisted skirt and a pair of over-the-knee boots. This look makes me walk with my head held a little higher and keeps me feeling comfortable all day long. No leg restriction, no squeezing and jumping into a pair of jeans, and no feeling like I’m going to pass out from poor circulation issues. Nope. This skirt and boots lets my legs breathe while giving the illusion that they are longer than they actually are. And who doesn’t love a good illusion?

PaleOMG - The Fall Look That Makes Me Feel My Most Confident

And luckily Nordstrom has A TON of high waisted a-line skirts perfect for fall so I can sport this kind of look every single day of the week…that is, when I’m not wearing pajamas. Let’s be real here. I recently found Topshop button down skirt that has POCKETS! Why do women crap the bed over pockets? Me include. Pockets make everything better, especially…

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