The Different Types of Laser Hair Removal

The Different Types of Laser Hair Removal

Using a laser to remove unwanted hairs is a technology that has been developed only fairly recently, for the past two decades. There are, however, many different types of laser hair removal for patients to take advantage of. They all have a few things in common – they are a convenient, painless way to get rid of any unwanted hair. The results will last longer than electrolysis and is not painful like these treatments. In fact, laser hair removal is considered by experts to be the best permanent solution available to unwanted hair.

When laser hair removal is being performed, small amounts of radiation are sent to the area being treated using a beam of heated light. This is what allows the hair follicles to be damaged, meaning that they will no longer be able to produce new hairs. Sometimes hairs will grow back, but they will be extremely sparse, thin and very light in color – meaning that you will barely be able to see them. The chances are they won’t grow back, however!

The first laser hair removal system that was developed was known as Nd:YAG – this was approved for use by the FDA. The process used at this time meant that the individual had to have the area waxed first, which is quite painful. After this, a heated lotion was applied to the hair follicles so that they were damaged, and the skin around the area was not harmed.

For those who have very light skin then the type of laser known as the Ruby Laser is the best option. This can also be used at low levels for those that have darker skin, so that no damage is caused to the pigment. This laser is painless and is extremely popular in removing small amounts of hair.

If there are larger amounts of hair to be removed then the Alexandrite Laser is often used. This kind of laser is also great for penetrating even very coarse hairs. In fact, this is the most common kind of laser used for removing hair on men. It is great for clearing the back of hair and only takes around 45 minutes or less! However, some technicians will use a laser known as the Diode Laser due to the fact that it is less expensive and can be used on a number of different skin types.

The newest type of hair removal laser available today is known as the Cool Glide. This kind of laser is very expensive, though it is great for treating even dark skin very effectively without any damage at all. The laser makes use of a refrigerated tip, meaning that there is a cool touch even as the work is being done. This is also a very safe laser due to the fact that the lasers using heat do have the chance of damaging the skin along with the hair.

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