The Black House by Bakers Architecten

The Black House by Bakers Architecten

Bakers Architecten built an interesting home in the Netherlands. Constructed on 1100 m2, on a spot that was left empty for many years, the ‘Het Zwarte Huis’ (The Black House) is one of the homes that chose to go with a black exterior – not uncommon to new architectural residences in the last years. Situated in Utrecht’s museum quarter, just south of the city centre, The Black House is actually a six apartments building that also shelters the offices of Bakers Architecten. Offices ocupy the lower level and apartments rest on the next levels.  A semi-underground parking takes care of the inhabitant`s cars and can be reached by using the car lift.  A staircase leads to open corridors on the superior levels from which the inhabitants can enter their apartments. A glass facade offers natural light to the lower level offices, connecting them to the heartbeat of the street.

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