The Best in Modern Compact Living

The Best in Modern Compact Living

The small house movement, also known as the tiny house movement, celebrates minimalist living and the beauty of well-built compact spaces. Eco-friendly materials are often used, and the small scale of these residences encourages clutter-free interiors. A large number of compact homes built in recent years have been modern in style, as the simplicity of these small structures blends seamlessly with contemporary design.

We’ve compiled a collection of our favorite tiny houses, complete with breathtaking photos. From a billboard-inspired home to a mineral-shaped downtown dwelling, these houses are amazingly innovative, not to mention cozy. Yet somehow impeccable design keeps them from seeming claustrophobic!

Single Hauz

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live inside of a billboard, Single Hauz is the home of your dreams! Designed by Poland’s Front Architects, this dwelling is meant for one and one alone! The single life has never been so architecturally interesting… Single Hauz is recommended for scenic spaces. After all, what could be more beautiful than overlooking a blue sea, a dense forest, tall mountains or a city skyline?

The pictures below envision Single Hauz in a variety of unforgettable settings. With large glass windows and a spacious balcony, we think this residence is well worth the stair-step climb! [images from Front Architects]

The HemLoft

This next home takes the tree house concept to an entirely different level! Uniquely orb-like in shape, The HemLoft was built by Joel Allen after an attempt to retire at age…

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