The Best Hair Transplant

The Best Hair Transplant

When thinking of the best hair transplant, a moment’s reflection should reveal that the best transplant must ensure achieving two main goals namely, natural looking results and optimal density.

Results will be natural if the human eye is unable to detect that you have had a hair transplant, and that means that there should be no scarring in the donor or recipient area. This can best be achieved using the modern FUE method.

FUE method aims at creating balanced and harmonious look by carefully calculating the requisite number of hair that needs to be taken from the donor area of your scalp so that when it is spread over the recipient area.

It may be a News for you to know that it is difficult for people to differentiate between 100% and 50% hair density. This is one of the many well known illusions the human eye experiences.

Our goal to achieve the best hair transplant results, therefore, is to deliver no more than 50% added density to the bald area of your scalp. Normally, this is enough to create a look of full density.

That said, the decision as to exactly how many hair will need to be transplanted in a given case depends on other factors as well. These include your age, availability of remaining hair on your scalp (in both donor and recipient areas), the contrast between your skin and hair color, and last but not the least, your preference of course.

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