The Beauty and Dangers of Sun Exposure

The Beauty and Dangers of Sun Exposure

So many of us feel that a glowing tan is all we need to make ourselves radiant, especially if you carry that healthy glow around with you year round. With the arrival of tanning salons, it is easy to accomplish. Whether it is 2 degrees or 42 degrees outside, a tanning bed is always waiting for you to lie down inside so you can darken your skin to the desired color that represents for you health and vitality.

Overexposure to the sun, however, can have long-term repercussions. I know you tanning buffs whose favorite idol is the always tanned and popular George Hamilton feel as though without your coating of sun drenched skin, albeit from natural resources or not, you are just another washed out drab human existence. But it does not have to be that way.
Perhaps there are more healthy ways to assert your vitality and fitness without the constant glow of a tan. Listed below are some of the reminders that you have probably all heard before but perhaps need reminded how the sun can truly be hazardous unless you use caution:

In the worst case scenario exposure to the natural sun or ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer. It can also be the cause of premature wrinkles and the sun is hard on the eyes, which makes it mandatory to wear sunglasses that block ultra violet rays from penetrating the eyes. For those who live in areas of the world where the sun shines bright six to seven months out of the year, the odds of skin cancer related incidents go up and so do the possibility of premature wrinkles, leaving the skin on your face looking leathery, dry and worn. Especially for those who work outdoors in the sun and heat—wear a hat, a pair of shades and a good sun blocker together to minimize the “worst” case scenarios from happening.

It is also a good idea for sun worshippers to limit their time in the sun. Take breaks and remember after taking a dip in the water to cool yourself, reapply your sun screen. And if you have to be outdoors by the pool you do not always have to be exposed to the sun’s rays; pick a spot for a couple of hours, especially during peak sun hours, where it is shady or under the protection of an umbrella.

Tanning beds, from a time perspective, are a good way to limit exposure, as you control the time. Of course tanning salons use artificial light and may hawk their product as “safer” than the actual sun’s rays, which is not true. Even though it is artificial light it is still mimicking the same ultraviolet rays from the natural sun and therefore the same precautions should be used when frequenting a tanning salon.

Do not spend too much time, use goggles to protect your eyes and if you choose to not wear a sun screen because the whole idea is to receive the sun’s rays not block the rays, use a quality sun tan lotion.

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