Swimwear & Accessories Perfect For Any Summer Day

Swimwear & Accessories Perfect For Any Summer Day

Summer is here…except for here in Colorado right now, where it’s SNOWING!! What in the what?! It’s bull. But just a few days ago, it was sunny and warm and totally wonderful outside. And I know that is just another few days, it will be wonderful again and it will be time to pull out the fake tanning lotion and all my hats that I stored away for the winter. And with warm weather just around the corner, pool and beach season will finally be in full swing. I recently went to Costa Rica where I shared some of my favorite swimsuit finds of the season, but I wanted to give you guys even more options to help you find your perfect swimsuit!

Whether you’re heading on vacation soon or just going to the pool with your kids or friends, you deserve to feel your best in your swimsuit. I’ve spent my entire life being uncomfortable in a swimsuit which was really a pain in the ass since I swam competitively most of my adolescence. It honestly wasn’t until I met my husband that I finally started understanding that there is so much more to a day in your swimsuit than just worrying about, well, being in your swimsuit. Being able to let go of those insecurities is challenging, but those insecurities are what deter us from growth, from experiences and from memories.

Finding the right swimsuit can be hard, but with so many amazing online stores now with swimsuits for every size and shape, it’s easier than ever to find a swimsuit that matches your personality and accentuates your body type. I’m here today to tell you that finding freedom from insecurities IS possible….

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