Sweat & Snack Series: Endurance Workout and Green Mango Smoothie (video!)

Sweat & Snack Series: Endurance Workout and Green Mango Smoothie (video!)


Do you come with your own workouts ever? Or do you look online to find workouts? OR do you simply skip workouts all together because you don’t know what to do at the gym or in your own home? Well my Sweat & Snack Series was created so you could skip thinking about your workout all together and be done working out in around 30 minutes. And this workout is exactly 30 minutes, so what is your excuse for not doing it? You can have a great, sweaty workout and be able to move on with your day in just 30 minutes.

PaleOMG Sweat & Snack Series: Endurance Workout and Green Mango Smoothie

So here’s how the workout looks – 

  1. You’ll have a 30 minute clock running.
  2. Set a distance about 100m out (it doesn’t have to be perfect, but this can always be done on a track for more accuracy).
  3. You’ll sprint 100m. Once you finish the sprint, you’ll do 20 total jumping lunges.
  4. Then you will sprint back to where you started and do 20 push ups.
  5. Then 100m sprint once again and 20 jumping squats
  6. Then 100m sprint back to where you started then do 20 start jumps.
  7. You will repeat this, starting back over with the 100m sprint and jumping lunges and repeat that entire sequence until time is up.

For modifications and tips –

  • For jumping lunges – you can always do stationary lunges instead of jumping. Be sure that the front knee is stacked on top of the ankle and not push forward when lunging. This will protect the knees throughout the workout.
  • For push ups – Push ups can be done with feet on the ground or knees on the ground. The point of a push up is to use your arms, chest and back, not your entire body to…
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