Sweat & Snack Series – Core Workout and Mocha Chia Protein Pudding

Sweat & Snack Series – Core Workout and Mocha Chia Protein Pudding


Guess whattttt?! This is the last video in my Sweat & Snack Series! I recorded 5 of these videos a while back and this core workout is wrapping it all up! Which means it’s time for your feedback! Did you try the workouts? Did you like them? Do you like having these kind of protein-filled snacks around the house? Should I do this series again in the future? Or would you prefer a different style of workout video? You tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen!

PaleOMG Mocha Chia Protein Pudding

In the meantime, let’s talk about the core. People are obsessed with abs. And here’s my promise – if you eat well 80-90% of the time and don’t freak the hell out the rest of the time (meaning eat complete sh*t) while doing movements that engage your core regularly – you will see results. Genetics definitely play a part in that so remember to keep realistic expectations. But if you’re doing movements such as olympic lifting, squatting with heavy weight, deadlifting, and even gymnastic skills – you WILL see results. Keeping the spine safe while olympic lifting or deadlifting takes A LOT of work. Meaning your abs are engaged AF while you’re lifting and that is building muscle. I don’t EVER do ab workouts at the end of class, but I always see results when I’m lifting regularly.

But I also understand that lots of you out there enjoy doing ab workouts. I’m not one of them. So I put together this little core workout for you to add into your routine. I created it with movements I would prefer to do because it keeps the spine safe and it’s…

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