Summer Essentials – PaleOMG

Summer Essentials – PaleOMG

Something my husband is extremely good at is surprises. He CRUSHES the surprising game. The first surprise he gave me was getting an automatic starter put into the first car I ever owned, a 1998 Honda Civic. At the time, I was getting up at 4am every morning to coach and that car starter changed my life! Another surprise he changed my life with was Jackson. When we were still living in an apartment, I heard a knock at the door one day and opened it to find a little baby French bulldog looking up at me. Still the best surprise to date. Our amazing engagement was a huge surprise, too. He’s just incredibly thoughtful all around. So when I mentioned that I needed a new bike this summer, one quickly showed up in our backyard, waiting for a sunny day to hit the road. He’s such a gem.

Summers are the absolute best here in Colorado. Especially after a winter that I consider brutal. Sure, we didn’t have ice storms that were freezing people’s hair on contact or temperatures that froze hot coffee as I threw it in the air…but it was cold. Meaning I had to wear a jacket every day. I know…so upsetting. Who wants to wear a jacket every day?! I would much prefer a flowy top that is dressed up with a few accessories. And luckily Nordstrom always has everything I’m looking for when it comes to summer. When the summer months hit, I want to be comfortable and ready for anything that comes up. And Nordstrom has everything I would need, from wedding guest looks to affordable everyday jewelry!

PaleOMG Summer Essentials

When my husband and I headed out on a bike ride the other night, I wanted to…

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