Stylish Café and Sensible Home Rolled into One Unravels Cantilevered Beauty

Stylish Café and Sensible Home Rolled into One Unravels Cantilevered Beauty

The idea of combining a commercial enterprise being combined with residential structures is not one that often finds favor with homeowners. Only those with great levels of entrepreneurial zeal seem to want a home that is just a few steps away from their bustling workspace that sees constant rush. Set in a refined neighborhood of Dongnae-gu, South Korea, the Villa Villekulla Café & House falls into this category with its homeowners asking Rieuldorang Atelier to transform an old industrial building into a stylish café with a spacious home above.

Cafe and home rolled into one in South Korea

The result is an exceptional structure that moves away from the usual both in terms of functionality and form. It is the lower level that has been used as the café here and this has a more open, inviting ambiance. The interior here flows into the garden outside thanks to the use of dark, framed glass windows. On the upper level you have the gorgeous home that has twice the footprint of the lower level thanks to extensive use of cantilevered spaces. A protruding gabled wooden addition elevates the visual appeal of the residence / café further with its classic and cozy panache.

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Wood and concrete along with cantilevered gable structure give the cafe home a unique look
Framed glass windows of the cafe with a view of the garden
Gabled and wooden upper level creates shaded outdoor space below
Gabled upper level space in wood is a showstopper
Lighting takes over after sunset…

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