Stunning Sustainable Floating Lodge for Two

Stunning Sustainable Floating Lodge for Two

A retreat that takes you away from the world and its many woes is something that we all crave for. And Punta de Mar Marina Lodge designed by Mano de Santo is one such refuge that promises both a stunning getaway that can be placed anywhere on water with ease. A smart and sustainable cabin on waves in Denia, Alicante, Spain, this lovely little escape was primarily designed for a couple. There is still plenty of deck space for a small party that involves friends and family, but this is essentially a cabin that is perfect for solitude which helps rediscover your passion for life and nature.

Sustainable floating retreat on the sea for two

Gently floating on the sea but in a fixed location, the cabin contains primarily two different levels. One on the lower section contains the living quarters along with the bedroom and the bathroom. The upper level can be used as an open deck and with right seating you can watch both sunrise and sunset from the cabin without ever moving a muscle. A smart automation system that can be controlled from your smartphone acts as the central unit here and alters everything from temperature and lighting to humidity and a whole lot more inside the cabin. [Photographs: Sergio Belinchon]

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Upper level deck is perfect for a relaxing hangout and small parties
View from the bedroom and deck of the floating retreat
Minimal and smart interior of the retreat on sea
Open design of the floating cabin allows you to interact with the environment
Eco-friendly and…

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