Study Shows Body Contouring and Plastic Surgery Can Actually Make a Person Happy

Study Shows Body Contouring and Plastic Surgery Can Actually Make a Person Happy

Miami, FL-Plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry, millions of men and women undergo a variety of procedures to improve their looks. For those who have not undergone any type of plastic surgery, they may question why it enjoys such worldwide popularity. Well, it turns out that cosmetic enhancement can actually make a person happier, according to a new study from Europe.

The study conducted by researchers from Ruhr-University Bochum in collaboration with the University of Basel evaluated plastic surgery patients over a long period of time to assess if there were improvements in their mental well-being and happiness post-surgery, according to

The researchers evaluate three different groups of people; individuals who wanted to have plastic surgery, but chose not to, individuals who had no desire to get plastic surgery and individuals who wanted to and had a cosmetic enhancement.

One of the goals of the research was to determine if people who wanted plastic surgery were somehow different that people who did not. They also wanted to know what goals plastic surgery patients set for themselves and whether they achieved their goals after their procedure.

They found that those who desired plastic surgery the most were younger women who earned and above-average income and that 87 percent of patients who chose plastic surgery are women.

Researchers evaluate all three groups for their overall mental and physical health and life satisfaction. Plastic surgery patients were tested before their surgery then 3, 6, and 12 months after the procedure.

The questions, which were presented to 550 plastic surgery patients, were worded to determine if they had realistic goals from their procedure. Along with open question researchers added two which were unrealistic, “All my problems will be solved” and “I will be a completely new person,” according to

Only a small fraction, 12 percent of the patients expressed unrealistic expectations. With the open questions, the respondents overall had more realistic expectations from their surgery. They answered using phrases like “feel better,” “eliminate blemishes,” and “develop more self-confidence.”

The majority of patients felt the goals they had were met with cosmetic surgery and were happy with the result over the long-term.

When researchers compared those who thought about plastic surgery and opted out with the ones who had surgery they found the patients were more satisfied with their lives and felt healthier. Patients had less anxiety, had more self-esteem and that the cosmetically-enhanced feature and their bodies in general than

This study explains why cosmetic enhancement procedures, Botox, liposuction, breast augmentation, facelifts, to name a few, have been able to increase in popularity. When people are happy they want to share that secret.

We always hear that body contouring and facial plastic surgery can give a person’s self-esteem a boost and help them be happier. But with the results of this study cosmetic doctors have quantifiable proof and can confidently say; “Yes, plastic surgery can make you happy.

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