Staying Fit, Warm and Comfortable in Victoria Secret Sport

Staying Fit, Warm and Comfortable in Victoria Secret Sport

Lately, I’ve been trying out new fitness apparel and stepping away from one of my favorite old brands. Because honestly, the pants are way too expensive, they’re often see through and they are constantly pilling up and falling apart. I’m over it. I’m ready to find workout clothes that will last, keep everything where it’s suppose to be when I’m jumping all over the place in the gym and that make me feel my best. And I’ve finally found that exact thing!

I recently wandered into Victoria Secret to find some new underwear. Have you guys tried their no-show sport panties? They are seriously my favorite underwear of all time. I want to buy a million. Anywho, after grabbing some underwear, I started to notice their Sport section and their leggings because they had about a million different patterns to choose from. And when I felt them, I was even more pumped. So many different leggings out there tend to not be very thick and Victoria Secret Sport leggings are the perfect thickness.

I also noticed the bras right away. They have a bazillion bras for any chest size. I don’t truly know how big mine are, maybe a C or D, but I do know that I’m not a huge fan of the uni-boob that I take on every time I work out. So I tried on one of their underwire sports bras and instantly felt more comfortable. With their underwire and cups underneath the sports bra, your boobs stay separated and upright. So if you are constantly looking for a bra that will keep you from flying around, Victoria Secret Sport bras are the ones for you!

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