Spring Attire Working Overtime – PaleOMG

Spring Attire Working Overtime – PaleOMG

If you’ve been following along here on the blog or instagram, you know things have been pretty crazy with our pup Jackson. Emergency surgery, post-surgery complications, vet hospital changes, kidney disease, blood clots, and more. But after 16 days, Jackson was lucky enough to come home and start his healing process with us. And because of that, we ended up cancelling a trip to Hawaii since we knew he would need multiple pills, multiples times per day, and he would need to be trained at home to not jump on or off the couch anymore. We pretty much needed to be home with him 24/7 for a while. And that timing seemed to work out since most of America (and even many parts of the world) is also now home 24/7.

If you had a trip planned and found some outfits you were dying to wear in warmer weather, not to worry. It’s time to make those outfits work overtime! If you’re like me and using this time at home to work harder than ever, well your outfits better do the same! Today I’m going to share some pieces I had planned for Hawaii and how I’m wearing them right now, plus I’ll be sharing some other pieces that will be versatile this spring then moving into summer.

Something I LOVE wearing come spring is a midi dress. Since it’s a little longer, it keeps the legs just a tad warmer if there is a light spring breeze in the air. I recently snagged this Leopard Print Ribbed Midi Dress from Express to wear for a date night out in Hawaii, but since that exact night will have to wait, I can now turn it into a warmer, more casual look by adding a basic striped…

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