Splurge or Save: Activewear Edition

Splurge or Save: Activewear Edition

A few weeks ago I shared my first Splurge or Save post for winter boots and everyone who left a comment loved the post, so I thought I would keep it up! And this time I’m talking about activewear. For me, I’ll pretty much spend whatever on activewear because it’s what I live in. I wear it all day every day, so I know any piece I buy will get its money worth. But I understand that most people don’t want to wear their workout clothes to work, or out to happy hour, or out to dinner with people. That means most people need to buy work clothes first, day-to-day clothes second, and lastly, workout clothes. And if you’re buying all those clothes before your activewear, you’re probably not interested in spending hundreds of dollars in leggings and sneakers. So today I’m giving you BOTH options! Whether you’re interested in splurging or saving, I have an option for you! And luckily some items are almost identical! Let’s get it going!

First let’s get it started with one of my favorite sports bras! The lululemon Longline Energy Bra is the sports bra I go back to day after day, and I have it in many colors. I find the extra length of the bra keeps it comfortable throughout every workout. And the bra comes in 9 different colors. This comfortable bra costs $58, but if you’re looking to keep some cash in your pocket, this CRZ Yoga Strappy Bra is only $24 and comes in 14 different colors and has really great reviews. The grey camo color is my favorite! And this bra is currently in my cart, ready to be delivered for free in 2 days!

But if you’re not…

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