Spiral Staircase and Fun Accent Wall Steal the Show at Collector’s Apartment

Spiral Staircase and Fun Accent Wall Steal the Show at Collector’s Apartment

Every home needs a stunning feature or two to set it apart visually and give it a personality of its own. At times this comes from the architectural design of the residence and its silhouette, and on other occasions it is style and décor that do the trick. Nestled in a hip and energetic neighborhood of Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Collector’s Apartment is largely defined by a beautiful spiral staircase in black and a dramatic accent wall that is covered with plates in blue and white. Designed by AMBIDESTRO, the modern home showcases a blend of the dashing and the understated, as one is drawn in by both its elegance and audacity!

The living space of the home is simple in itself, with a neutral color scheme and furniture that combines modern comfort with traditional aesthetics. Walls of wood and custom cabinets grace the living area, kitchen and dining space and offer smart storage units along with textural contrast. But it is the unmistakable presence of the dark spiral staircase that instantly grabs your attention, and soon you are left marveling at the ingenious accent wall behind it. Created using a large number of plates in blue and white, the feature adds a touch of spark and style to an otherwise unassuming space.

Rugs add pattern and more color to the living room, and this color palette is continued in the kitchen and dining area as well. With private spaces neatly tucked away and smart lighting illuminating the home beautifully, this Brazilian delight charms you in more ways than one! [Photography: MARCELO DONADUSSI]

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