Spectacular Home Featured on Crazy Rich Asians with Amazing Forest Views!

Spectacular Home Featured on Crazy Rich Asians with Amazing Forest Views!

It is very rare to find a home that combines eco-savvy design with mesmerizing nature views and luxury that takes you into an entirely different world. Sitting on the edge of city of Kuala Lampur and overlooking a lush green forest reserve that blows you away with its sheer magnitude, the Be-Landa House designed by 29 Design is a modern masterpiece that is both relaxing and jaw-dropping! You would not imagine that such a stunning home sits on the edge of a sloping lot when you get a glimpse of its private street façade. Built to minimize footprint and wastage of space, part of the house sits on stilts and gives it a stunning pool area and series of decks in the rear section that end up stealing the spotlight.

Deck of the stunning contemporary home in Kuala Lumpur overlooking a rain forest

The three pavilions of the house that make it so very special each have something unique about them. The first sits entirely on the ground while the second is half anchored to the structure and half of it rests on stilts. It is the third and final pavilion that hangs precarious above the edge on pilotis and features a glass bridge that makes it even more breathtaking. An infinity pool that overlooks the forest along with the spacious and private decks are connected seamlessly with various private and public spaces on the inside for a residence that oozes class and luxury. [Photography: Lin Ho]

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Multi-level Kuala Lumpur residence with a deck that wows
Open spaces combined with smart…

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