Spacious Modern House Integrates with Forest Around It

Spacious Modern House Integrates with Forest Around It

A healthy and happy life is one that is in harmony with nature and allows you to enjoy the landscape that surrounds you even as you respect it. That is just what you get at the imposing Walkway House in Brazil that combines three different residential blocks with a series of walkways and sheltered spaces that connect different parts of the home seamlessly. One room flows into the next in the open living space with a multi-level interior featuring kitchen, dining area and other social zones. Glass doors and windows connect the home with the exterior with the line between the two being constantly blurred. Designed by TETRO Arquitetura, the house feels warm, charming and inviting…

Spacious modern forest house with a series of walkways around it

One of the main reasons for dividing the house into three different blocks was to preserve the natural greenery on the lot and to ensure that no indigenous trees are disturbed during the construction The house itself has been built keeping in mind sustainable design principles and with passive heating and cooling techniques, canopy around the residence plays a big role in shaping the atmosphere inside. The house is just a 30 minute drive away from Belo Horizonte and despite sitting on an angled plot; you do not really feel the slope once you are inside the Walkway House.

Gorgeous wooden walkway extends outside the house
Sheltered walkways around the house offer a relaxing escape
Stunning walkway extends into the forest canopy as it cantilevers 9 meters above ground
Wooden decks integrate different blocks of…

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