Sober Finca en Extremadura is a Sustainable Family Home

Sober Finca en Extremadura is a Sustainable Family Home

Cuddled up in a fantastic environment in the Province of Cáceres, Spain is this huge, 3,465 square foot residence, completed by Madrid-based Studio ÁBATON. The project, named Finca en Extremadura was an old abandoned stable that was converted to the contemporary residence.  The goal of the project was to transform the abandoned stable into a sustainable family home that is consistent and respectful to the surrounding environment.

A primary feature of this house is the method by which electricity is harnessed in the area. A solar panel system with storage batteries developed to supply energy during the summer, whereas in the winter, the newly installed turbines take advantage of the course of the two streams that run through the estate, providing electricity. These sustainability systems are used by ÁBATON in almost all its projects, making the house a better place to live in, as well as making it suitable with respect to the environment.

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