Skin Care Tips for Men

Skin Care Tips for Men

It is still uncommon to find men who spend enough time to take care of their skin. However their number is growing by the day. Today’s men are more conscious about their looks and appearance then they used to be some 10 years back.

Though shaving is a good skin care activity for men, there are various other things that must be taken care of. Shaving works as an exfoliation procedure which takes the upper layer of dead skin cells off your skin. Women have to use different creams, lotions and equipment for exfoliation procedure. This simple activity protects men’s skin from many skin ailments like acne, pimples etc.

Apart from shaving, following are some tips for men’s skin care

Cleanse your Face: You never realize when the signs of aging start appearing on your face. Cleanse your face with lukewarm water at least twice a week. You can easily schedule this activity one weekend.

Shave Regularly: You must shave regularly unless you sport a beard. Shaving should preferably be done with double blade razors instead of using electric shavers. Always use a good quality after shave lotion or cream

Balanced Diet: Your diet plays a major role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Make sure that you eat enough leafy and green vegetables. Avoid oily foods as much as you can and supplement your diet with some anti oxidant rich multi vitamins.

Drink Water: Drink enough water to keep your skin well hydrated and flexible. Drinking water has many other benefits like proper digestion and detoxification. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: Alcohol and cigarettes dehydrate your skin. The glow of your skin vanishes over a period of time therefore you must quit these habits. Your skin will look younger and your overall energy level will go up

Exercise: Last but not the least, exercise is a good way to improve your blood circulation which plays a major role in maintaining the glow on your face. Take exercise for at least 20 minutes every day or make it a point to do some physical activity that can cause your heart to pump at its maximum efficiency.

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