Singular Room, We Call it a Home

Singular Room, We Call it a Home

This Stockholm apartment is only the expansion of a single room. Whether you want to or not, you have to believe it, because that is the truth. The small, but cozy, apartment is a tight and chic urban crib. The main living space has the entertaining space, dining room and bedroom, ‘all in one big room’.

The bed occupies an alcove near the kitchen, but this feature makes it incomparably interesting. At the end of the hallway, we have a modern walk-in-closet, giving the residents the opportunity of using the whole space; the closet has wardrobe fittings up to the ceiling. The space maintained its original parquet flooring. This elegance eclipses the fact that the refrigerator is placed in the closet in the hallway. Stucco ceilings in white are visually brightened by natural light coming from large-paned windows.

While taking stock of this Stockholm apartment, a criticism might be raised that this is small, but it has many storing options like the walk-in closet in the hallway, closets and storage under the bed. Having direct access to the interior courtyard, the apartment encourages the inhabitants to enjoy as much fresh air as possible, inviting them to the outdoors, where patio furniture and a barbeque await. Though one-roomed, this living space beyond compare provides enough room for the inhabitants to enjoy homely comforts to their brim, inside the crib as well as outside. This apartment is a great study in how small spaces can be metamorphosed into big places of calm and comfort, provided we have the requisite intellect and inclination.

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