Side Effects of Liposuction Surgery

Side Effects of Liposuction Surgery

A side effect, as opposed to a complication, is usually medically minor, although the majority of side effects can be very irritating and inconvenient to the patient who has to tolerate them. Sometimes side effects can be rather painful, making the patient believe that his or her malady is more serious than it really is. Liposuction surgery side effects can include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  1. Bruising will appear in nearly all patients on areas of the body that were treated. Bruising can be painful in the short-term but will typically fade completely in no more than a few weeks after the procedure.
  2. Swelling of treated areas is expected and will normally fade very gradually within a couple of months.
  3. Scarring is a common occurrence. Scar sizes will vary depending on the type of procedure, but in most cases they will fade entirely within a few months. Scarring affects everyone in a different way and healing is partially dependent on hereditary factors. In some individuals, it can take up to a year for scars to heal completely.
  4. Pain is common but should only be a temporary nuisance for all liposuction patients. If serious pain does not subside within 1-2 weeks or worsens, the patient should consult with his or her surgeon immediately.
  5. Numbness can, and often does, persist for quite some time after surgery. It is not uncommon to experience numbness for weeks or even months after a surgical procedure.
  6. Limited mobility may be an issue depending on the areas treated and the type of procedure used.


There might also be various other factors that will limit movement for a short time after a procedure, such as:

  1. Wearing a compression garment that does not allow for much range of motion.
  2. Keeping the head elevated.
  3. Temporary swelling and/or pain in treated areas immediately following the procedure.

The surgeon performing the procedure should advise the patient as to how quickly normal activity can be resumed.

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