Should i get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault

Should i get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault

There are multiple Los Angeles car accidents every hour which can dramatically alter the lives of those involved. The few moments after a car crash can be vital to one’s ability to handle your injuries as well as the injuries of your motor-vehicle passengers. Often after a t-bone (side-impact collision), the injured persons will attempt to exit their vehicles, leaving the protection of the steel frames of their cars while leaving their car in the roadway. Generally, these minor car accidents result in multiple-vehicle accidents when other drivers aren’t paying attention and collide with your already stopped cars. This tends to cause further injuries to those on the scene and to the drivers of the other automobiles involved in this auto accident. As these types of crashes occur so frequently, almost everyone in California will at one time require the assistance of car accident lawyer.

Once you contact our attorneys, we will conduct a free confidential consultation where we will discuss the facts surrounding your auto accident and your resulting injuries. The general questions we may ask includes:

  • time of day of accident;
  • if you or the other driver had been drinking;
  • if one car driver drove over a double-yellow lane;
  • if the other driver hit you in the rear of your vehicle; or
  • if the other driver drove through a red-light or a stop-sign.

Our Los Angeles accident lawyers will also likely suggest that you contact a medical professional to get a baseline of your injuries. If you are unsure of which doctor to see, our law firm can suggest some doctors from which you may then select your medical professional.

After our lawyers have conducted our free confidential initial consultation, and we decide to proceed forward, we will assist you in seeking compensation for such things as:

  • your medical bills;
  • lost wages;
  • vehicle repairs;
  • renting another vehicle;
  • your insurance deductible;
  • your pain and suffering;
  • lost-wages; and
  • future expenses directly resulting from car crash.
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