Serenity and Solitude Concealed in Greenery

Serenity and Solitude Concealed in Greenery

There are moments in our daily life when we surely would love to get away from it all – the constant race with time, the never-ending rush of life and unending noise. The Hidden Pavilion designed by PENELAS ARCHITECTS offers this prefect and serene getaway that is both mesmerizing and relaxing at the same time. Nestled in a densely forested region of Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain, this fabulous structure in glass, metal and wood is completely hidden in lush green canopy and overlooks a small waterfall at its base. The design of the structure is simple with a metallic frame holding large glass walls and windows that completely blur the line between the outdoors and the interior.

The Hidden Pavilion in Spain by PENELAS Architects

Sitting on small clearing and surrounded by trees on all sides, the gorgeous getaway is almost invisible from a distance. Overall form the Hidden Pavilion is dictated largely by the natural elements that surround it as the terraces and upper level inclination were specifically crafted keeping in mind future growth of oak trees around the retreat. On the inside the glassy escape is unassuming with space being largely left vacant, décor minimal and a kitchen clad in wood bringing warmth to the entire setting.

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Metal and glass structure on forest clearing overlooks a small waterfall
Open deck and lighting at the gorgeous Hidden Pavilion
Stunning glass and metal design of The Hidden Pavilion
Smart structure of the Hidden Pavilion adapts to…

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