Sequins Never Go Out of Style (+ special discount!!)

Sequins Never Go Out of Style (+ special discount!!)

Is it too early to start thinking about New Years Eve already? Wait, hear my out. This year we decided to do New Years in Mexico, so all the holidays leading up to it are being a bit ignored. Halloween – nope, we turned the lights off. Thanksgiving – nah, I cook Thanksgiving ahead of time for my blog so I’m not craving it when the actual day comes. Christmas – sorry, we are paying to go to Mexico a few days after Christmas so that holiday is being swept under the rug. Now…doesn’t it make sense that I’m already getting excited about New Years Eve??

But I get it, you may be on excitedfortheholiday train. Like most people. So I’ll slow my roll just a little bit and talk about what’s ahead in the next two months…PARTIES! Work parties, friendsgivings, secret santas, parties with close family, parties with someone else’s family, and then parties everywhere in between. And that means it’s time to make a statement with your look. Whenever I want to feel my absolute best, I always turn to Express for a unique look that fits amazing and makes me feel beautiful. I’ve talked about how much I love Express when it comes to their jeans and every day outfits, but Express has some of the cutest looks for parties and special events that will make you feel your confident when you walk in the room!

Right now at Express, they are stocked with some of my favorites trends of the season – velvet and sequins. Isn’t it funny how trends always come back around? I wore velvet and sequins when I was younger and now those trends are popping back up…

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