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Seattle November 3 2019 Terror Attack Rumor

November 3, 2019 in Seattle, the terrorist attack, atomic bomb explosion, alien attack is likely to contain the claim.

  • (see possible attack in Seattle)
  • (see 3 November 2019 Seattle Alien Attack)

I’ve reviewed the topic:

  • – Just before the September 11 attack in Seattle, November 3, 2019 will be something that many movies, TV series have this reference. (these references may be used as a means of communication with people who can understand these references, so move away from that day.)
  • – In the heart of the alerts there is a tower and sports match called Space Neddle.
  • – The 2015 cover of economist magazine is one of the proofs of this submission.
  • – many places have 11.3 seattle shipments but why not market. a part of the simpsons in seattle on 3 november sunday sports event on the “o sinister sunday” is like a writing. November 3, 2019 is coming to the market.

I’m almost out of November 3, see if anything happens.

note: this claim has been put forward earlier in the youtube channel some dates have been voiced. So these channels are looking for such date references in movies, TV series and other things. So do they find it right, whether the plans on the dates disclosed are canceled, it is up to your opinion. We’il see it on November 3, 2019.

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