Sao Paulo Home With Ocean and Forest Views by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Sao Paulo Home With Ocean and Forest Views by Jacobsen Arquitetura

There are plenty of things that Brazil is famous for across the world. There is football, amazing beaches with a lifestyle that leaves you intoxicated and of course, the rhythm of the samba! But only a true design aficionado would know that it also is home to arguably some of the best luxury homes and grand villas that are nestled in the lap of nature! Located in Guaruja City, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and overlooking the distant ocean, the AMB House designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura is the latest entrant in this exclusive club.

Surrounded by a lush green forest canopy on the coast of Sao Paulo that also offers ample privacy, and blurring the line between the interior and the landscape outside, the residence wows you with its remarkable design. The street façade of the home is modest and does not fully reveal the grand structure spread across three different levels. The home opens up completely towards the forest in the rear, and a large private deck, sitting area and mezzanine level welcome you gleefully. Moving away from the traditional design plan of the living area on the lowest level and private quarters on the top floor, the AMB House takes the opposite approach.

Grand private deck and lavish pavillion of the Brazilian home with pool

Open living level with bamboo trees indoors

Outdoor sitting area in a glass enclosure with a view of the forest and the ocean

Large wooden deck and open living space defines the lavish Sao Paulo house

Outdoor kitchen and dining space that opens up towards the private deck

Bedroom on the lower level of the lavish Sao Paulo House offers ample privacy

The intermediate level contains the living areas along with the outdoor kitchen and dining space that open towards the infinity pool and the outdoor deck. It is the lowest level of the house that holds the five adult bedrooms along with the kids’ bedroom, and each one of them seems visually connected with the forest outside thanks to the large glass windows….

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