Ruined Shack Turned into an Energy-Efficient Green Home in Iowa City

Ruined Shack Turned into an Energy-Efficient Green Home in Iowa City

Adaptive reuse of old structures does much more than utilize resources in a smart fashion. They create new styles and trends that come about due to a clever blend of contrasting themes. Taking this sustainable movement a step further is the Koser I in Iowa City – a project where Neumann Monson Architects completely transform an abandoned old home into a contemporary residence that is energy-neutral and full of green features. The makeover is truly inspiring with the new house generating enough power for all of the family needs and then some!

New backyard and relaxing deck bring the family together

The previous house on the lot was originally built in 1960s and was abandoned over time. The structure degenerated to a point where the locals referred to the place as the ‘shack’ before the latest revamp completely altered its appeal. The new structure doubles the living area to 2500 square feet and also adds a basement which further serves the needs of the family that moved into Koser I. Fetaures like Foamed-in-place insulation and insulated sheathing and passive heating and cooling techniques cut back the home’s reliance on artificial sources while a 8.4kW photovoltaic panel unit and geothermal installation power the home completely.

When it comes to style, the interior feels relaxing and modern with a white backdrop giving the living area, kitchen and bedrooms a cheerful appeal. A lovely garden and a beautiful little deck put the final touches on this amazing conversion that is clean and contemporary. [Photography: Integrated Studio]


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