Ruffles and Pops of Color

Ruffles and Pops of Color

I’ve said it a million times but I seriously adore Nordstrom. If you follow any of my fashion posts on the blog or on my instagram, you’ve probably noticed that most of the purchases I make are from Nordstrom. They have the best options, all kinds of different price points and their customer service is the BEST customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They will always help no matter the situation and you talk to a real person in seconds. After dealing with health, mortgage, and home insurance the past few days and being on the phone for HOURS, I truly appreciate talking to an actual person in seconds. It’s seriously so rare to get that kind of customer service nowadays.

Anywho, let’s talk about clothes. Because that’s what Fridays are all about around here! The more I shop with Nordstrom, the more I start to find the brands that I love and keep going back to. The two brands I’m seriously loving right now, especially with their summer apparel, is Madewell and Topshop. Whenever I walk into Nordstrom, I walk straight to those two areas and always find outfits that fit and give me inspiration in my own wardrobe.

PaleOMG Fashion: Ruffles and Pops of Color

And my go-to right now is definitely skirts. I can easily find jeans that fit me in the winter time, but when it comes to jean shorts, that’s where I have a tough time. They are either too short or too loose or too clingy. But skirts…skirts always fit. And I love high waisted skirts that cinch in the waist with an A-line out. It’s so flattering and perfect for a backyard BBQ or summer patio happy hour! This Topshop scallop miniskirt fits…

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