Repair Your Student Accommodation | Less Money

Repair Your Student Accommodation | Less Money

Living on a student budget is not easy. Although you have all the expenses that a normal adult has, you don’t get nearly as much money. The part-time work you do is hardly enough to keep your social life happy.

The worst part of it all is that when you are finishing up with your degree, you need to move out of your student accommodation. If someone had to write a research paper on how to get out of your dorm room with the least amount of money, they would be able to write volumes.

The repairs that you need to do are often the most expensive part of the move and there are many ways in which you can minimize the costs.

When you move into your flat for the first time. You might be tempted to change things up and make it feel more like home. After all, this will be the place that will help with writing a research paper or dissertation. Many students think it is a good idea to whip out the paintbrushes and start painting the place.

At the time, it seems like a good idea, but you will need to fix the paint job when you move out. In all likelihood, the owner of the building is going to insist on a contractor and you will be left with the bill.

At night while you are busy with your research paper, you could start looking at all the little things that you know will need repairing when you leave. Buy the items that you need for the repairs in advance.

You won’t necessarily be saving money, but you won’t have a massive expense when you leave either. Getting a writing helper to help with assignments while you DIY the flat will also save you loads of money.


Your friends are probably more willing to help you fix your place than you think. Any student will work for alcohol if it’s a one-time thing. Your friends could help you fix your place and it will only cost you a couple of beers instead of the hourly fee of a contractor.

When going this route, see to it that you only give rewarding drinks after the work is done. You never know in what mood your friends, and yourself for that matter, will be in once you have a couple of beers down the hatch.

On a serious note, though. Your friends and even some of your family members might know a thing or two about DIY and they will probably be able to give you some tips along the way.

Needless to say, you should do some research on how to go about your repairs, so you don’t look like a complete tool. It’s way easier than deciding on a research paper topic.

Everything tends to disorder, even your flat. This is why you should do your repairs on the fly. Some items break or deteriorate due to wear and tear, and at other times there are damages that happen by accident.

Regardless of why the damages occurred, you will need to fix them and sorting them out as they happen is much easier than doing a bulk repair.

The problem is that we tend to become accustomed to the damages and work around them. After a while, you are so used to the issue that it becomes your new normal. By the time you need to move out, so many things could have gone wrong and you might have let it slip.

The other problem with putting certain repairs off is that they often lead to other, more expensive Repair…

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